Helicopter Flight Training Schools are Awesome

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Helicopter Flight Training Schools are Awesome

12 September 2011
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

A couple of years ago I had this crazy idea that I wanted to learn to fly a helicopter. So, I visited a couple of helicopter flight training schools. Those places are awesome. There is always a feeling of people doing what they feel passionate about. The flight instructors are usually young people who love to fly. They take their time and make sure you understand everything before you lift off the ground. Once up in the air, they expect you to take control of the helicopter and it is a little scary at first. But, they are right there with full availability to the controls, as well. The helicopter flight training schools are well-equipped with everything they need to ensure the safety of their instructors and their students. They do a complete check each time they take you up. In fact, it is amazing that we just hop in our cars to drive, but to fly they take the time to go around the whole helicopter and check all the gauges every time to be sure that things are in proper order before you ever leave the ground. It is a sweet and smooth feeling to lift off the ground in a helicopter and definitely worth trying sometime!