Budding Scientist? 3 Ways To Support What Your Child Is Learning In Preschool

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Budding Scientist? 3 Ways To Support What Your Child Is Learning In Preschool

1 February 2017
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Kids are naturally inquisitive, and they love to learn more about the world around them. As a parent, it is exciting to watch as your child's desire to explore nature explodes. However, it can also be challenging to come up with science activities that are age-appropriate and keep their interest. Fortunately, you can partner with your child's preschool teacher to support their learning with simple activities at home by using these strategies.

Check the Lesson Plan

Child care programs encourage their teachers to share their lesson plans and goals with parents. In some classrooms, you may find the lesson plan posted in a prominent location, or your child's teacher may send it home or post it online. Either way, check to see what concepts they are learning. Then, use it to plan an activity at home. For example, if your child is learning what happens when they mix colors, then pull out some finger paint and let them experiment. Just make sure to support their learning by engaging them in a conversation about what happens.

Take a Field Trip

Children remember real life experiences that help reinforce the concepts they discover in their classroom. Therefore, you can plan a family activity such as going to the zoo to let your child see animals up close. Alternatively, you could visit the science museum so that your child can check out the plants or dinosaurs they are learning about in their science lesson. To connect this to school, have your child draw a picture of their experience to show to their teacher and classmates.

Practice Using Tools

It is common for preschools to provide simple scientific instruments for children to experiment with during their explorations. For instance, your child may be learning how to use a magnifying glass to observe what things look like up close. Ask your child's teacher what the children use during their science lessons, and consider using them at home as well. Learning how to properly observe slides with a kid's microscope or use magnets to figure out what is metal are great opportunities for your kid to learn how to use tools to enhance their learning.

Science lessons teach kids how to satisfy their curiosity by using their observation skills. By working with your child's teacher, you can reinforce the lessons that they learn in school so that your kid develops a healthy sense of how they can learn more about the world. For more information, contact establishments like Foundations Child Development Center Inc.