3 Tips For Taking The ACT

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3 Tips For Taking The ACT

8 February 2017
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The ability to get into a good college can have a dramatic effect on your future success. Most colleges require applicants to complete an entrance exam like the ACT. Preparing for the ACT can be challenging, but there are some simple things that you can do to ensure your chances of scoring as high as possible.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when taking the ACT to help you improve your overall score in the future. 

1. Bring two erasers with you to the test.

While most students know that they should bring a few pencils with them to the test, most don't take the time to invest in multiple erasers to have ready during the ACT. You will be recording your answers by filling in bubbles on a sheet. This sheet will be fed through a computerized machine for grading.

Any stray marks that are present on the bubble sheet could cause a read error when your test is being scored, resulting in a lower score than you actually deserve. Using a heavy-duty eraser followed by a cleaner eraser to remove all traces of a changed answer from your bubble sheet could be the key to receiving your highest score.

2. Memorize the directions for each test section.

The ACT is a timed test, meaning that you will have a limited amount of time to complete each section. In order to eliminate any wasted time, you should try to memorize the directions for each section.

These directions can be found online or on practice tests, and having them memorized eliminates the need to carefully read through them when your test day arrives. You will be able to give yourself more time to answer the questions when you have the directions memorized.

3. Wear a watch on test day.

Most students view watches as archaic pieces of technology, so they rely on their cell phones to tell time instead. You need to recognize that you will not have access to your cell phone during the ACT testing period, so you will need another way to keep track of your time.

The room you are testing in may not have a clock, or the clock may be located in a spot that requires you to turn around in order to see the time. The moderator will not approve of you shifting in your seat, so having access to your own watch will ensure you are able to stay on task without relying on an outside time source.

Preparing for the ACT allows you to perform your best on test day. Be sure that you have access to multiple erasers, that you memorize the directions for each test section, and that you wear a watch to improve your ACT score in the future.