Arabic Translation in Syria

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Arabic Translation in Syria

31 August 2011
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My cousin Ben is a genius. It's no surprise to me that he chose to pursue Arabic in college as his major. Ben has always loved Middle Eastern culture. He's the one who introduced me to Middle Eastern history and got me involved in those kinds of classes in college. Ben has always been a role model to me, and I'm seriously considering following his example and doing a double major in Arabic. Ben moved to London after he finished his degree in the States. He wanted to study with a Saudi Arabian professor at a university there, but he didn't feel like he was getting enough experience. He wanted to perfect his Arabic, and he figured the only way that he could do that was to spend time in the Middle East. Ben and his wife packed up and flew to Syria where they have been living for about six months. Ben works for a company that does Arabic translation for businesses that deal with American businesses, mostly oil companies. He says that Arabic translation has been the best way to learn the language and to refine his skills. If I decide to pursue that double major, I'm also very tempted to do the same as Ben and move to Syria with him.