How To Help Your Child Approach Homework From A Biblical Perspective

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How To Help Your Child Approach Homework From A Biblical Perspective

4 August 2016
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Most kids are not too enthusiastic about being assigned homework. After a day of learning at school, a child is likely going to be ready to play! It's a good idea to let a child have a break after school, but homework should probably be planned early in the afternoon so the child doesn't have it hanging over their head all night. When you invest in sending your child to a Christian school, you give them an advantage in their education and encourage them to develop their faith. When it comes to homework, also help them look at it from a Biblical perspective.

Discuss Colossians 3:23

This Bible verse commands people to put their heart into the work that they do and treat their work as though they are doing it for the Lord. You may ask open-ended questions to ensure that your child understands the significance of this concept. Doing their homework for God may be exciting for younger children especially, and it may motivate them to truly put their heart into the lesson plan. You may offer such rewards as a Bible-themed sticker for each assignment that is completed.

Discuss Matthew 7:12

This Bible verse addresses the importance of treating others the way that you would want to be treated. Talk about all the reasons that a teacher has for choosing the homework assignment for a child and why the teacher wants them to complete it. Speak about how it is respectful to the teacher to honor the time and care she put into choosing the assignment by completing it. A child can understand that, if they were the teacher, they'd want their students to do the work they prepare for them.

Discuss Matthew 5: 15-16

These two consecutive Bible verses should be read and talked about at length. They are joyful verses about how people need to let their inner light shine in front of others just like a lamp exists to bring light into the world. They can inspire others through their actions. Talk about how homework is one way that your child can shine and set a good example for others. Be generous with your praise on each assignment that your child completes and remind them that they are doing good work that allows them to shine and reveal their potential.

Finally, keep in mind that you need to model an attitude of patience when trying to get your child enthused about homework. Some days will be easier than others, but you should be consistent in the message while showing patience when kids mess up. Gently remind them of the Biblical perspective of homework and insist that they keep trying until homework assignments are completed.  

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